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Daniel’s Vision

Our first CD project, Daniel’s Vision, consists of compositions that are filled with Scriptural lyrics and backed by Christian Ethnic and Messianic music styles. Listen to song samples and downloads of this Messianic/Christian Ethnic Music. To purchase Daniel’s Vision CD, click HERE.

 Prophecies and truths of the Holy Scriptures are blended with Ethnic musical styles and world instruments, combining them together to achieve the  results our listeners can now hear. This contemporary Christian Ethnic/Messianic music carries us on a journey through Biblical history. Selections such as “The Voice Of Adonai” exemplifying His authority over His creation to the prophetic “Daniel’s Vision”, preparing us for end time occurrences, we joyfully conclude with the prophetic promise of our returning Messiah with the song “He Gives His Son”.

Utilizing Ethnic instruments globally, we have included low whistle flutes, tin whistles, Native American flutes, shofars, didgeridoos, Middle Eastern frame drums, djembes, congas and an array of African percussion. You will even hear the sounds of Chinese flutes, pan flutes, udo drums, dholak drums, sitars, and other Ethnic strings. Blended with ethereal vocals, it is our hope that these lyrics will encourage you to develop a deeper walk with our Lord in these ever changing times.

Click here for Messianic/Christian World/Ethnic music samples and complete song downloads of Daniels Vision or to purchase this CD, click HERE.

Daniel’s Vision Song List

Click on song for lyrics

 1. The Voice Of Adonai

  2. Celebration Feasts (Instrumental)

  3. Nations Enraged

  4. Promised Land (Instrumental)

  5. Daniel’s Vision

  6. Tribulation (Instrumental)

  7. I Cry To You

  8. New Bavel Falls (Instrumental)

  9. Olam Haba

 10.He Gives His Son

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